The Sculptor’s Tools


The Hands of a Sculptor

When an artist has a creative vision, they translate it into reality with their hands. This is a staple of any artistic craft, and sculptors are included in this group. No matter what instrument they choose, it is their hands that will form the vision their mind’s eyes have seen. Without the ability to coordinate the muscles of their arms, hands and fingers, they will be unable to make it a reality.

The coordination required between the hand and eye is important for many tasks in life, and artistic creation depends upon this skill being highly refined. An artist whose hands shake will find it difficult to do fine work, and someone who does not have good vision might have to compensate when using their tools. All of these can be handicaps for an artist, but those with talent and passion will find a way to overcome them.

It is difficult to sculpt because it often involves removing material to shape a piece, and it will not look right if the wrong material is removed. Each tap of a sculptor’s tool must be in the correct place, and the amount of force used needs to be precise. Their knowledge of the materials they are using is often formidable, and they have to know how much pressure they can apply to get the result they want. Their coordination between their hands and eyes is part of what makes them good at what they do.

The hands of a sculptor are the working parts that create the physical realization of their art, but they do not look any different than anyone else’s hands. They can be long or short, smooth or wrinkled and they bend and flex the same as those of other people. Their ability to create art is contained within them and is much more than skin deep.